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The Historic Warner Cascade Theatre Museum Launches on Indiegogo

Efforts of The Warner Film Center, dba The Historic Warner Cascade Theatre Museum in New Castle, Pennsylvania are quickly coming to fruition in a major Indiegogo campaign launching on Tuesday, September 8th. The group has been shepherding the project which is located in The Cascade Riverplex in the actual historic structure that housed The Warner Brothers’ first theatre.
The Cascade Theatre opened in the winter of 1907 and began the meteoric rise of the Brothers from local exhibitors to film moguls. Plans for the site, officially proclaimed by the State of Pennsylvania’s Historical and Museum Commision, include two theatres and a common area with museum themes celebrating the unique contributions of The Warner Brothers as well as the Film Industry and Film History. State of the art projection and sound will compliment both theatres and the common area. The Museum will focus on documentaries and classic films and will host a broad range of activities including student and family oriented experiences such as film festivals and classes in film making, editing, sound capture and screen writing.
Major support in previous years came from Warner Brothers Studios and the State of Pennsylvania. Both came together to save the historic structure when winter weather toppled part of the facade during a heavy snow season. Additional support was forthcoming from the Lawrence County Commissioners and New Castle Citizens. (226) This final effort on Indiegogo will provide funding to complete the Museum buildout, allow the group to equip the three theatres, provide signage, seating, a refreshment and souvenir stand, office and communications equipment along with ongoing promotion of the site as a National attraction.
The group is deep in fundraising mode with the sale of a limited edition print that definitively lists the historic theatres of New Castle. Another project occurs on September 19th with a guided tour of that city’s historic places of worship. A calendar raffle with prizes awarded in February of ’16 is on sale now. Of course, the group’s main focus is its Indiegogo effort. Detailed information is expanded on the Museum’s Facebook page – Historic Warner Cascade Theatre Museum or by calling the Museum at 724.614.6542.

The Historic Warner Cascade Theatre Museum
New Castle, PA
Home of the very first Theatre operated by The Warner Brothers
A 501 (c)(3) nonprofit